The ultimate guide for your 20 week fetal ultrasound.

The ultimate guide for your 20 week fetal ultrasound.


Hi mommies, hooray it’s official you made it to the middle of your pregnancy, as you already noticed today we are going to talk about your 20 week fetal ultrasound, I hope you’re having an amazing day so far, as usual, you are going to find ultrasound images plus all you need to know about your 20 week pregnancy on this post, so let’s begin…

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How Big Is a Baby at 20 Weeks Pregnant?

At 20 weeks pregnant, the baby is as big as a Banana/sweet potato. The average 20 week fetus weighs 10.2 ounces and measures 16.5 cm or 6.5 inches long.

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Your 20 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms.

Shortness of breath: As your uterus expands, it pushes against your lungs, causing you to feel short of breath. You might find this to be especially true if you’re 20 weeks pregnant with twins. Don’t push yourself too hard, and sit down and rest if you feel yourself gasping for air.

Leg cramps: Do stretches regularly, and drink plenty of water to prevent your legs from cramping.

High energy: Enjoy this energy while it lasts, its the perfect time for shopping and those romantic night out with your significant other, remember you might find yourself more fatigued in the third trimester.

Swelling: Don’t worry unless the swelling is sudden or severe. Mild swelling is normal and should subside after delivery. In the meantime, put up your feet whenever you can and keep yourself hydrated.

Heartburn and/or indigestion: As baby starts to crowd your digestive system, it might not work exactly as it did before, be mindful what you eat.

You might be experiencing other symptoms such as Vaginal discharge, Hip pain, Abdominal aches, and pains. All those symptoms are normal, all part of the process of growing a baby in your uterus, try to rest when you have a chance, stay hydrated, a healthy diet, some snacks from time to time and give yourself a lot of love, and soon everything will be much better with your baby at home.

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20 weeks pregnancy and ultrasound

Remember at this time Ultrasounds are not needed unless you are having symptoms such as pelvic pain, pressure, cramping or vaginal bleeding, in some cases, the doctor might order a Cervical ultrasound to check the size of the cervix to Rule out cervical incompetence if needed.

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Starting around 20 weeks pregnant, your doctor will measure fundal height at each prenatal visit. Fundal height is the distance from the pubic bone to the top of your uterus. In centimeters, the fundal height should match your week of pregnancy, give or take two centimeters.

It should continue to increase about a centimeter each week. A higher or lower fundal height could be the sign of a pregnancy condition such as gestational diabetes, a growth issue, or a breech baby, so if it doesn’t appear to be average, further testing may be necessary.

If there is any questionable size discrepancy then Ultrasound is the way to go to check fetal growth.


What is happening with your baby at 20 weeks?

A coat of a slick, fatty substance called vernix begins to cover your baby. It acts as a moisturizer and lubricant, helping to protect her delicate skin from drying out in the amniotic fluid. Vernix also plays a role in birth by helping to ease your baby down the birth canal.

Your baby is very active, you are probably feeling kicks at this time.

The number of nerve cells increases rapidly this month.

Your baby’s movements do more than exercise to his growing limb. Expect to start feeling baby movements at this month.

Around the nerves of the spinal cord, fatty sheaths have begun to form, these sheaths act like insulators on electrical wires to speed messages as they travel along.

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20 week Ultrasound is performed Transabdominally, and here is a glimpse of what you can expect to see if you have one done:





Normal heart beat 120 to 165 bpm.









Already so this is the most important information about your 20 week ultrasound.

If you stay until the end I wanna thank you, I hope you learn something today, if you have any questions you can comment below.

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