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Hi Dear, I am Zadi, a mommy of 2 boys and also a Registered Ultrasound Sonographer, with more than 15 years of experience. with a specialty on Obstetrics and Gynecologic ultrasounds.

These days. Ultrasound is a very important and valuable tool for Doctors to rule out diseases and to follow up the development of your baby inside your womb. Therefore, I want to bring you useful information about it.

Also as a mother of two boys aged 14 and 9 respectively. I have some experience with all the challenges we face daily as mothers.

For me being a mother is an unique experience. I believe that from a very young age it was something that I wanted to be able to do. My children are my motor and my adoration. But there are some occasions in which we have to go through difficult situations to evolve and growth as human beings.

 I believe that we (mothers) regardless of whether our lives might be different. We have a lot in common, and we all go through very similar things, such as unconditional love and adoration but also fears, tiredness, challenges and frustrations.

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