How to raise kind children, the secret to raise your kids to be kind.

How to raise kind children, the secret to raise your kids to be kind.



In a world where children’s achievements are often measured by grades or sports scores, the importance of nurturing kids to be empathetic can get lost in the mix.

Is important to remember that our homes are the first place where children learn about kindness and love. It’s important to establish a kind environment at home and use kind words when speaking to them from birth so that they are able to present themselves in a positive way as they grow older.

Here are some tips that you can keep in mind to ensure that you can raise kind children!

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1. Be a role model for your kids.

I can’t say this enough.

Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, including us. However, being a parent means that your child is going to soak up information from you like a sponge. Especially during their formative years, children are going to be looking to you as a role model. To raise a child that is kind, it’s especially important to know how to be “kind” yourself.

Children learn ethical values by watching the actions of adults they love and/or respect. Being a role model and especially their mentor means that we need to practice honesty, fairness and caring for ourselves and others. For our children to respect and trust in us, we need to acknowledge our mistakes and flaws. We also need to respect their perspective, showing them wish way we want them to engage with other’s people perspective as well.

2. Invest in the happiness of your child.

Kindness and happiness go hand to hand and are part of the good things we can invest in our children and don’t cost any money.

When your child feels safe, loved and really valued as an individual and as a human being, your child will feel happy. Just taking the time to be with them ( present on the moment ) can make a huge difference to their happiness. Sit around the table and chat with them for a little bit, asking how their day went, is a good start.

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3. Create opportunities for your children to practice caring and gratitude.

Children need to practice caring for others and expressing gratitude for those who care for them. Studies show that people who develop the habit of expressing gratitude are more likely to be helpful, generous, forgiving and compassionate, and they are more likely to live a happy and healthy life.

Daily repetition is key for success when we teach kids to be grateful, encouraging our kids to do small things like:

Helping a classmate at school with homework.

Cleaning up the dining table after eating.

Saying ” Thanks ” when they receive a present from you or others.

Showing gratitude to teachers at school.

Expressing gratitude to other family members that also cares for them, etc.

4. Appreciate it when they show kindness to you or others.

We as parents assume that gratitude and kindness from our children is a given. But is important that when your child appreciates your actions and behave kindly to you or others, you thank them for that, make sure you recognize and acknowledge it, and let them know that they are on the right track. If they forget to show kindness one day, playfully remind them to go back to the right direction.

5. Show them that caring for others is important too.

Instead of focusing solely on your child’s happiness and achievements, make sure that you also emphasize the importance of the concern of others. By showing your children that caring for others is important to you, eventually will also become important to them as well.

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6. Restrict exposure to negativity in Social media.

Besides mass shootings, our children are also easily exposed to too much sexual and graphic content on television and the internet. Dangerous footage even in a movie trailer may instill the possibility of negative behavior because they are exposed to them at an early age.

While we cannot control everything our children see, try to limit their exposure to negative content and encourage them to watch more positive content. This will create beneficial brain effects like the increase of serotonin and dopamine, chemicals in the brain that enhance positive moods, motivation, and behavior.

7. Apologize when you need to.

Parenting can be very confusing, and there are definitely times when we as parents mess up. So when you do slip up, make sure to own it and apologize for it. By taking responsibility for your mistakes, you build trust and a stronger bond between you and your child.

8. Praise and acknowledge kindness.

Parents should praise one another for kindness consistently. The more your kids see adults being kind around them, recognizing it, and reinforcing it with praise and thanks, the more they’ll learn.

Praise and consistency are key to raising a child who is emotionally well-rounded. It’s also key to raising a child who is kind. Kindness comes from practice, and all practice requires consistency. Praise them as well for their kindness, so they know that they’re on the right track.

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In conclusion.

The greater take away of this post is that, if you ask a parent what qualities you would like your children to possess, it is easy to come up with a long list. Self-confidence, empathy, respect, courage, kindness etc., most parents could continue forever.

Kindness is something that children have to learn, just like manners. Learning kindness becomes way easier when their parents know the right ways to instill kindness into their children. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, Just know how to correct them because your child is always learning from you, and we all know, parenting is not an easy task. But remember, everything starts at home.

Remember we make others happy when we treat them kindly.

Well, I hope this information was helpful to you. If you like this post keep sharing to other mommies. Let’s keep changing the world, one momma at a time!!!

Stay tuned for more helpful posts like this one.

XO Zadi.


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  1. So true! Home is the first school for kids, and parenting molds their character.. a positive and encouraging environment helps them to grow as a responsible individual! Love your posts and suggestions!!

  2. So excited to raise my soon to be child. All I want is for him to be sweet and kind ❤ nothing to worry about it seems just as long as youre serving as a positive role model in their lives and show them love. Great post!!

  3. Loved this post. I always make sure my daughter is exposed to positive side of the world and avoid negativity as much as possible. This is so what many parents must know and follow. Investing in children’s emotional well being is more important than buying them expensive toys and stuff.

  4. That’s right, invest on our kids wellbeing will be the things they’ll remember when they grow instead of expensive things, your daughter is very lucky to have you as a mother

  5. I agree with you, our kids is our future, they need to learn to be humble, grateful and kind to create a better word

  6. I agree with you Tim, our kids are our future generations and we lack of so much kindness today, we need more empathy and kindness in our world

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