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A quick and easy view to understanding Ultrasound.

Sonography means imaging with Ultrasound. Diagnostic sonography is a medical two dimensional and a three-dimensional tool that takes images of the body using high-frequency sound waves to create images inside the human body.

Ultrasound Imaging is an interactive process involving the sonographer, patient, transducer, machine etc.


Ultrasound provides a noninvasive way of looking inside the body with sound waves, NO RADIATION IS INVOLVED.

Anatomic imaging with ultrasound is achieved with a pulse-echo technique.

Pulses of ultrasound are generated by an instrument called TRANSDUCER and sent into the patient’s body, once there they produce echoes at the organ boundaries and within the surrounding tissue, these echoes then return to the transducer where they are detected and displayed on a monitor on a variety of shades of gray.


The role of a Sonographer.

The sonographer is the professional that works under the supervision of a doctor and is trained to use Ultrasound Machine to view and interpret images with sound waves for the diagnosis and treatment of Medical conditions.

An Obstetric Ultrasound scan is performed to view the fetus in the womb to determine viability, number of fetuses, size, weight, fetal position, along with any other potential problems with the fetus. A Gynecologic ultrasound scan is performed for many reasons but is targeted to check your pelvic organs like cervix, uterus, endometrial cavity and bilateral ovaries to rule out pathologies.

The maternal organs are also checked to ensure the success of the pregnancy during an Obstetric ultrasound.

Other Routine duties for Ultrasound Sonographers.

In addition to main job of scanning patients a sonographer also have to maintain logs of patients, take care of billing procedures, perform routine maintenance of the machines. Safety and sanitary procedures are performed after each test on the equipment and maintaining supplies and consulting with supervisors and physicians are also on the daily routines.

As you can see my job is very interesting and rewarding, full of responsibilities but I wouldn’t change it, on my next post I will start covering Female pathologies. I will create a series of blogs on the process to get pregnant, Follow me around, see you again.


Zadi, XO.

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Ultrasound sonographer for many years and mommy of 2 boys, I love my kids therefore I love what I do, help other women to achieve a healthy and successful pregnancy is my goal.

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