The ultimate self-care routine for busy moms, the routine that saved my life.

The ultimate self-care routine for busy moms, the routine that saved my life.



As a parent, our days are usually long and loaded up, dealing with the necessities of every other person in the house, mainly the kids, except ourselves. We hear so much discussion about self-care but yet it sounds overpowering, tedious and inconceivable. It’s difficult to begin and nearly impossible to keep it up, in this post you will find an easy self-care routine for busy moms.

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self-care ideas for busy moms

I finally realize that investing some energy of the day dedicated to self-care improves overall health, diminishes pressure and uneasiness. Self-care additionally improves the nature of your relationship with others. As it’s well said, you can’t give from an empty cup. When you feel revived you are progressively disposed to take part and help out others. That is the reason it is so important to develop a self-care routine that goes hand to hand with your role as a mother.

Here’s an example of what your self-care routine should look like. This self-care tips will enable you to deal with your body’s physical and mental needs, without requiring a ton of time and effort.

Make Exercise part of your life. 

Ensure you are getting your small dose of exercise daily, if not, at least twice a week. In the case that you can’t practice at the gym, you can take a walk with your kiddos, clear a spot on the living room floor and do some simple stretches or yoga positions. Dance at least one entire song, plank for 30 seconds, do some crunches, lunges or jumping jacks. Go for a walk around the block or ride your bike.


Prioritize sleep.

Getting satisfactory rest is an extremely essential yet underestimated self-care practice. It reduces pressure, improves cardiovascular wellbeing, fortifies the immune system, in addition to other things. Getting chronically sleep deprived can put you in great danger for developing diabetes and coronary diseases. Here’s a helpful tip for occupied moms on the best way to get enough sleep.

Sleep when your baby sleeps.

It is very tempting to try and do chores, wash dishes, do laundry and clean floors when your baby is asleep. But accept that your house is dirty and messy, only for a while, and go to sleep because once baby is up, you have to be up too. So take advantage of those few moments were baby is sleeping. Focus on a dark and quiet place where you can rest, forget about the clock, and how much longer you can sleep, just try to close your eyes and have some deserved rest.

Say yes to help.

Many moms are resistant, but whether it is a family member, friend, or babysitter, accept some help, so you can get a few hours of sleep. People think of sleep as a luxury, but it is in fact a medical necessity.

Make sure you are eating well and taking all of your vitamins.

You can’t be your best if your eating regimen isn’t healthy. When you are getting all the correct supplements and choosing on more healthy decisions, you will feel much improved and have more vitality to overcome your busy day.


Save time for yourself to do what you love.

As mothers it is crucial that we get the chance to have our alone ME time, to do what we enjoy. It can be something as simple as sit in front of the television, chatting on the telephone, cleaning up, reading a book, going out to nature, doing a Mani-Pedi at home, etc. It doesn’t have to be for long, 20-30 mins per day will be good enough if you have a busy schedule, it truly encourages you loosen up and destress.

Save some time for meditation in your daily routine.

The advantages of meditation can change numerous aspects of your life, helping you decrease pressure and tension, better deal with your feelings, let go of mental diversions, and be increasingly present and mindful with your children.

Research demonstrates that meditation can likewise help with a sleeping disorder and can improve mental sharpness.

The best of meditation for new moms is that it can be done at anytime and anywhere with no specific preparation. All you have to do is set aside as little as 10 minutes of your day to focus on your breathing and calm your mind.

To get the maximum benefits from meditation, you should plan to do it every day. You should start by going to a quiet place at a time when you will not be interrupted, baby nap times or early morning are the best times to practice meditation.

Guided meditation is a great way to busy moms to meditate, this technique involves listening to a series of vocal prompts. There are several apps on the phone that you can use for meditation.

For more information about the benefits of Meditation for new moms, check the link here.

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Self-Care will appear to be unique for every one of us.

To make your own self-care schedule, you’ll have to reflect what bring YOU joy, harmony and unwinding. When would you be able to discover time in your day to invest some energy in yourself.

Your routine should include on the daily basis things like:

Exercise daily or regularly.
Go out for a walk.
Get enough rest and sleep.
Eat nutritious food, but sometimes enjoy something that you like.
Take a relaxing bath with Epsom salts and/or relaxing essential oils or a refreshing shower.
Dancing alone or with the kids.
Ask your partner for a quick massage.
Get some sun, get out of the house, get in contact with nature.
Snuggle with your spouse or children.
Take a nap.
Smell your favorite things.
Declutter an area in your home, tackle one area at a time.
Write a Journal.
Read a good book.
Have a good laugh.
Meditate regularly.
Say daily Affirmations.
Read something uplifting.
Go on a date with your significant other.
Try a new type of food or cook something different.
Cut out negative people on social media.
Unplug from all electronics.

Self-care routine for busy moms


In conclusion:

You play such an important role in the life of your children and family in general, a care routine for you is a must and will allow you to recharge your energy and vitality, and it will put you in the best disposition to care for them with love.

For busy mamas, self-care don’t have to be a luxury. It is a necessity. Implement your own self-care routine and let the benefits seep into your life.

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13 thoughts on “The ultimate self-care routine for busy moms, the routine that saved my life.

  1. Thanks kranti for stopping by, at least for me it was a life saver, I was falling apart when I have my first son, until I changed my routines 🥰

  2. The pleasure is mine dear, for me being able to help or encourage someone means a lot, and makes me happy 😃

  3. Indeed, and that’s awesome, just because we are mommies doesn’t mean we have to go through the world looking and feeling like a mess, we need time and love to ourselves too

  4. That’s magnificent zadi, we are nothing without a good health. We have to give time ourselves first. We need to look back at our daily routine.

  5. As it is well said, we can’t give from an empty cup, I wish I had all this blogs, information and Pinterest back on the days when I had my first son 14 years ago, because literally I was falling apart, until the day I realized that I have to care for my body first!!! And that changed me forever

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