Normal 37 weeks pregnancy and ultrasound, your complete guide.

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Hello to all my beautiful mommies-to-be, today’s post is going to be about your 37-weeks pregnancy and ultrasound, as usual, I am going to talk about pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, prenatal visit and most importantly the Ultrasound. Are you ready? let’s begin.

At 37 weeks pregnant, you are considered to be at “early term,” which means baby is practically ready. Settling or nesting can likewise be your mind’s method to ensure you’re set up for the big day, however, there are still (more or less) 3 more weeks to go.


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How Big Is Your Baby at 37 Weeks?

Your baby at 37 weeks will be as big as a Winter Melon. The average 37-week fetus weighs about 5.9 to 6.2 lbs. or 2700 grams, and measures about 33 centimeters long.

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37 weeks pregnancy and ultrasound

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Normal pregnancy symptoms at 37 weeks!

Abdominal pressure: Due to anticipation for labor, your baby has probably dropped by now into the pelvic area, which can cause an increased in abdominal and pelvic pressure.

Contractions: At 37 weeks, mild contractions are not out of the ordinary. After all, you’re going to have a baby soon and your body knows it, so it’s getting ready! You may find that your contractions go away if you rest. That means they’re Braxton Hicks instead of the real deal. Make sure you stay hydrated since dehydration could put you into early labor.

Trouble sleeping: It’s normal to have trouble sleeping at any point during pregnancy but at 37 weeks even more, as the baby belly makes it harder than ever to get comfortable in bed.

Stretch marks:  Stretch marks might still be appearing on your 37 weeks pregnant belly. Keep that body oil and/or skin moisturizers reachable and put it up as much as you can.

Vaginal spotting/discharge: Bloody discharge of mucus that’s tinged pink or brown coming from the vagina. It means the blood vessels in the cervix are rupturing as it begins to efface and dilate, a normal pre-labor sign if you’re close to your due date.

Breast pain: Your breasts will be growing and changing throughout your entire pregnancy, at this point you might feel your breasts especially tender and sore and that’s due to the production of colostrum the precursor to breast milk and your baby’s first food after delivery that will begin to leak around week 38.

And those are the most common symptoms, unfortunately, the list is still long. Other symptoms like Leg cramps, Heartburn, Varicose veins, Pregnancy brain, and Insomnia are still present.

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37 weeks pregnancy and ultrasound

Fetal development at 37 weeks!!

Everything in your baby’s body is preparing for a big entrance into this world.

Brain and nervous system are still maturing, a process that will continue long after birth.

Baby’s limbs are becoming smooth and plump, and the skin has now a healthy color.

Your baby is now practicing for the life outside your belly by simulating breathing and by inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, sucking his thumb, blinking, etc.

At 37 weeks pregnant, your baby’s lungs are likely mature.

Baby is steadily gaining weight, about a half an ounce per day or half a pound a week. At this age, the average fetus weighs about six pounds.

Baby’s getting the first poop (called meconium) ready for his or her first diaper.

Change on baby movements on the third trimester: Your baby now has a fairly regular cycle of sleep and wakefulness. By month 9, however, it’s crucial to note changes in activity. Count fetal movements a few times a day throughout your third trimester, and report any sudden decrease in fetal movements to your doctor.

What to know about doctor visits!

As usual, you’ll be weighed and your blood pressure will be taken at all doctor’s appointments. You may be asked to give a urine sample to check for signs of preeclampsia, urinary tract infections, and other problems.

You’ll still be keeping tabs on how often the baby’s moving and whether his or her movements are consistent from day to day.

Here’s how you do it: Pick a time of day and set a timer. See how long it takes to get to 10 fetal movements it should be less than two hours.

Your doctor will test you for group B strep in weeks 35 to 37 to make sure your baby isn’t exposed to it. They’ll swab your vagina and rectum, and then examine the swabs for the bacteria. If the test is positive for bacteria, they’ll give you antibiotics before delivery so your baby isn’t exposed to group B strep at birth.

A 37-week ultrasound might be performed as part of a biophysical profile.

What is a biophysical profile?

A fetal biophysical profile is a prenatal test used to check on a baby’s well-being. The test combines fetal heart rate monitoring (nonstress test) and fetal ultrasound to evaluate a baby’s heart rate, breathing, movements, muscle tone, and amniotic fluid level.

Each area that’s evaluated during a biophysical profile is given a score of 0 or 2 points, depending on whether specific criteria were met. A score can be given immediately. For example:

Fetal breathing. If your baby displays at least one episode of rhythmic breathing for 30 seconds or more within 30 minutes, 2 points will be given. If your baby’s breathing doesn’t meet the criteria, 0 points will be given.

Fetal movement. If your baby moves his or her body or limbs three times or more within 30 minutes, 2 points will be given. If your baby’s movements don’t meet the criteria, 0 points will be given.

Fetal muscle tone. If your baby moves a limb from a bent position to an extended position and quickly back to a bent position, 2 points will be given. If your baby’s muscle tone doesn’t meet the criteria, 0 points will be given.

Amniotic fluid level. The ultrasound technician will look for the largest visible pocket of amniotic fluid. To obtain a score of 2 points, the pocket must measure 2 cm or more. If your amniotic fluid level doesn’t meet the criteria, 0 points will be given.

The individual scores are then added together for a total score. Typically, a score of 8 to 10 is Normal. If you receive a score of 6, your health care provider will likely repeat the test within 24 hours or, if your pregnancy is the near term, delivery might be recommended. A score of 4 or lower means that further testing is needed or that you might need to deliver the baby early or immediately.

Remember a Biophysical profile don’t require baby measurements unless:

Your belly is measuring bigger.

You have gestational diabetes.

Previous history of macrosomia fetal ( Big babies before)

Your baby was measuring over 90%Tile in growth on your previous ultrasounds.

This ultrasound will include.

Fetal position.

Placenta position.

Fetal heart doppler.

Amniotic fluid index.

Rest of the biophysical profile testing which is checking Fetal breathing, movements and muscle tones.

This is what you can expect from your 37-week ultrasound.

37 weeks pregnancy and ultrasound

37 weeks pregnancy and ultrasound

37 week pregnancy and ultrasound

37 weeks pregnancy and ultrasound
One of the parameters for a Biophysical profile, Normal values of amniotic fluid is as follow: 8 cm to 22 cm is the normal range, below 8 cm abnormally low, above 22 cm is increased.

fetal face seen on ultrasound at 37 weeks

37 week pregnancy and ultrsaound

37 week pregnancy and ultrsaound

37 weeks pregnancy and ultrasound

37 weeks pregnancy and ultrasound

Tips for You This Week

In general don’t stress out about weight gain or stretch marks, snack frequent and small portions, try to get ready for the big moment so you don’t have to be running at the last minute, keep your skin moisturized, try to stay active if you can, appropriate exercises will keep your pelvis muscles strong for delivery.

Finish the baby’s Nursery
Fewer than five percent of babies arrive on their due date, so don’t assume you have three weeks to finish your to-do list. But don’t go crazy, either, but at least try to cover the basics.

Learn about Early signs of labor here.

Delivery day is getting closer, so it’s time to pack your hospital bag (if you haven’t already). Along with necessities, be sure to include these feel/good items inside: lip balm (your lips will become very dry), bands or scrunchies to keep your hair back, a hairbrush, massage oil, warm socks and slippers, moisturizer, a warm and comfortable robe. These items will make your labor, delivery and overall stay at the hospital more pleasant.

In conclusion

Here you have the most important information about your 37-week Pregnancy. We talk today about your fetal development, Prenatal care (doctor visits) and Fetal Ultrasound at 37 weeks.

I hope this information helps you somehow. On my next post, I will be talking about 38 weeks pregnancy and ultrasound. A big congrats to you again if you get to this point, you are weeks away from having your baby with you.

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An stay tuned for more helpful posts like this one, any questions feel free to comment below.

XO Zadi.

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