Normal 34 week pregnancy and ultrasound, your complete guide.

Normal 34 week pregnancy and ultrasound, your complete guide.


Hi mommies, today we are going to talk about your Normal 34-week pregnancy. As usual, I am going to give you in this post all the details about pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, prenatal visit, and Ultrasound, are you ready? let’s begin…

At 34-weeks you have about 6 more weeks to go.

You’re only about six weeks away from becoming a mom, how exciting is that!!!


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How big Is your Baby at 34-weeks pregnant?

Your baby at 34-weeks will be as big as a Butternut squash. The average 34-week fetus weighs about  4.6 lbs. or 2100 grams, and measures about 30 centimeters long.

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34 week ultrasound

Normal symptoms at 34-weeks!!!

Braxton Hicks contractions: Contractions are most likely getting frequent and stronger as time goes by. There’s one big difference between Braxton Hicks contractions and the real deal, Braxton Hicks will go away. Real contractions don’t, they just keep coming. Women who are more than 32 weeks pregnant with twins are at higher risk for preterm labor, so definitely watch for contractions that don’t go away.

Round ligament pain: Typically felt as achy, crampy or sharp sensations on one or both sides of the lower abdomen. You’ll probably notice occasional round ligament pain more when you change positions suddenly, get up from sitting or lying down, or when you cough, sneeze or laugh. It may be brief or last for several hours.

Constipation: Another normal symptom at 34-week is constipation. This you can be improved with some exercise, drinking lots of water, and eating plenty of fiber-rich foods.

Hemorrhoids: Baby’s putting pressure on your digestive system, and the hormones may be relaxing your intestinal muscles, causing uncomfortable hemorrhoids, A healthy diet, a lot of rich-fiber foods and lots of water is going to help you a lot.

Leaking colostrum from your breasts: Colostrum, the first milk your baby will get when born, it contains more protein but less fat and sugar than more mature breast milk, making it easier for baby to digest in the first few days after birth. It’s also full of antibodies (immunoglobin A, or IgA) your baby didn’t encounter in the womb which help protect her from germs that can infect the mucous membranes of her throat, lungs and intestines.

Blurry Vision: These days a decrease in tear production can leave your eyes dry and irritated, especially if you wear contact lenses. What’s more, an increase in fluid behind your eyes lenses can temporarily change their shape, making some women more nearsighted or farsighted than usual. Happily, these changes are all temporary.

Unfortunately, the list of symptoms at this time seems to be long, all normal part of the process of carrying a baby inside your belly, Symptoms like Bloating, vaginal discharge, backaches, leg cramps, edema, stretch marks, shortness of breath, insomnia, etc. might be present.

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34 week pregnancy and ultrasound

Fetal development at 34-weeks!!

The immune system still developing, your baby is acquiring immunity to many infections as the protective antibodies in your blood pass through the placenta into his/her blood.

You may notice that your baby has a regular daily pattern of activity and rest by now, so if you don’t feel your baby as active as before, don’t worry, your baby is starting to have his own schedule.

Your baby keeps practicing swallowing, breathing, kicking and sucking.

Inside your womb: The amount of amniotic fluid reaches its maximum this month, about 2 pints on average. The volume of fluid will diminish as delivery nears. However, if you see fluid leaking, contact your doctor.

What to know about doctor visits?

Your doctor’s appointments are now every other week if there are no complications with your pregnancy, beginning at week 36, the visits will be every week.

34 weeks pregnant, your belly should measure about 33 to 37 inches from the top of the uterus to the pubic bone.

If your belly is measuring more or less, it could mean that the baby is bigger or smaller than average or in a breech or sideways position, or that there is an abnormal level of amniotic fluid. Anything out of the ordinary with fundal height (that belly measurement) may prompt your doctor to order a 34 weeks pregnant ultrasound to figure out the cause.

Continue checking in on baby by doing kick counts. Set a timer and see how much time it takes the baby to move ten times. It should be an hour or less. Then check back each day to make sure the approximate time is pretty similar. Let your doctor know about any notable changes.

You’ll be weighed and your blood pressure will be taken. You may be asked to give a urine sample to check for signs of preeclampsia, urinary tract infections, and other problems.

On the routine doctor visits, these parameters are still checked

Your weight gain.
Blood pressure.
Fundal height.
Fetal presentation.
Heart rate with Doppler(of the baby)
Fetal movements.
Signs of preterm labor.

If the doctor needs to order an ultrasound at this time due to discrepancies on fundal height, this ultrasound will include measurements on the baby, but if the ultrasound is only part of the Biophysical profile, then it will only include fetal movement, breathing, muscle tone, and amount of amniotic fluid.

Remember, a biophysical profile is used to evaluate the baby’s health. The goal of a biophysical profile is to prevent pregnancy loss and detect a low oxygen supply in the baby (fetal hypoxia) early enough so that the baby can be delivered and not sustain permanent damage.

Needs to know more about Biophysical profile, take look on this link

This is what you can expect from your 34-week ultrasound.

34 week pregnancy and ultrasound

34 week pregnancy and ultrasound

34 week pregnancy and ultrasound

34 week pregnancy and ultrasound

34 week pregnancy and ultrasound


34 week pregnancy and ultrasound

34 week pregnancy and ultrasound

fetal doppler

34 week pregnancy and ultrasound
One of the parameters for a Biophysical profile.
34 week
If Fundal height is smaller or larger, measurements on the baby will be obtained, in here you see those measurements, Biparietal Diameter, Head circumference, Abdominal circumference, and Femur length.

boy gender seen on ultrasound

female gender seen on ultrasound

Ultrasound today will include:

Fetal position (Cephalic or breech)
Amniotic fluid measurement.
Doppler of Fetal heart
Placenta location.
BPP Parameters (Muscle tone, fetal movement, Breathing movements, and Amniotic fluid index)

And possibly baby measurements if there is fundal height discrepancies.

Tips for you this week.

Surging hormones coupled with stress, anxiety etc. can affect any woman’s emotional state during pregnancy. Some factors can put you at greater risk for depression, but it’s an illness that strikes women of all ages at all stages of their lives and there’s no shame in asking for help. Talk to your health care provider; some antidepressants are safe to use when pregnant.

Regular exercise will give you the boost of energy you are needing at this time. A brisk walk, yoga class, swim or jog will increase blood flow and boost feel-good endorphins. The result? A revitalizing burst of energy.

In conclusion

Here you have it, the most useful information about your 34-week Pregnancy. You learn today about your baby development, Prenatal care (doctor visits) and Fetal Ultrasound at 34-weeks.

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XO Zadi.

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