How to potty train a boy, 10 best tips for potty training.

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Hi mommies, welcome to today’s post, as a parent of 2 boys I know how difficult potty training a boy can be, especially because boys don’t develop at the same pace of girls, whether you are excited about it or not, your child needs to be potty train one way or the other. This is another important milestone in your child’s life and a step forward his independence.

It can be frustrating and exhilarating all at the same time, so these 10 tips will help you get on the right mindset for those potty training days, are you ready? Let’s begin.

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First things first!! you need to know if is the right time for him.

The vast majority of boys are ready at the ages of 2.5 to 4 years old. I remember when I successfully potty train my first son at the age of 3, I was able to do it in 4 days and he never use another diaper again, now for my second boy it was a different story, I started at the age of 2 and had to stop because he was just not ready, I started again at the age of 3 and luckily was another story of success.

Another thing to keep in mind, make sure that the environment and routines are already established, and that he is well adjusted to them.  Example: If you are moving, changing daycares, caregivers or if there is a new member on the family like a new sibling maybe this will not be the right time for the potty train, give him time to adjust.

Watch for signs and cues.

If your child is aware of his body functions, is going to be easier for him, notice if:

He urinates all at once instead of small amounts.

keep the diaper dry for at least 2 hours a day.

Sit still for at least 5 minutes at a time.

This sign shows that his muscles are strong enough to hold in his urine and that he can sit still for a few minutes then he will not have any trouble sitting and staying on the potty, if you see this signs you know he is ready.

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Another crucial sign that shows readiness.

As your child gets older he will stop wanting to wear a diaper when is wet. This is your perfect time to introduce the potty. Make sure there are no buttons, zippers or difficult underwear and that he is able to put the pants up and down by himself if he needs too.

Now is when the fun really begins…

First, get him excited.

Introduce potty training to him. There are plenty of fun books and videos you can read and see with him. Make sure he is understanding the potty process and that he is feeling comfortable with the idea of No diapers, remember potty train has to come naturally instead of a frustrating or terrifying experience for him.

Getting the potty train.

Let your son pick his potty. This way he will be more likely to use it, pick a potty that allows him to sit comfortably with his feet touching the ground so he will not be afraid of it.

Let him choose a fun color or a theme that he likes and encourage him to use it.

Once you buy the potty.

Teach him to use it and set up the routine.

First show or tell him how to sit on the potty without splashing or squeezing his penis, it’s a good idea to show him how mom and dad do their own potty at the toilet as a game.

For the routine:

Start your potty schedule first thing in the morning right after your child wakes up.

The visits to the potty have to be every 2 hours and before or after naps.

Sit with him to make potty more fun and enjoyable.

Don’t pressure him for staying in the potty for too long, to start 5 minutes is a good time.

Give him some naked time to encourage potty use.

Naked time is very beneficial on the potty process, having accidents will teach him to pay close attention to the warning signs, so he can make it to the potty the next time he has to go. This encourages your boy to choose between urinating or pooping on himself or using the potty instead. Remind him to sit on the potty frequently, and walk him to the potty if he shows signs of needing to go.

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Choose a reward system to keep him motivated.

*Whether its a chocolate chip cookie or M&M, 5 min on his favorite electronic device, watching his favorite TV show, or perhaps a coin on his piggy bank or a new toy. Your child will be excited to go potty if he knows that a reward is waiting for him. This will also allow him to create a positive association with the potty, something that is crucial for success when potty training.

*Celebrate his little success, remember each stage of the potty is a milestone. From learning to use the potty to transitioning to the toilet, show him that you are very proud of him with a huge kiss and some hugs.

*Focus on the positive rather than the negative. Potty training can be stressful for both of you, if he feels you are angry or frustrated with him, he’ll be less likely to succeed. Instead of yelling and pointing his mistakes point instead of when he goes successfully.

*Don’t compare one child to another if you are having 2 or more training at the same time, remember every child is different and unique, comparisons are not going to help.

Some good options to begin your potty search!!!

Remember you need to remind him to go.

Children can become so focused on toys and/or games that they can easily miss the signs that it’s time for the potty. Before they realize they have to go, it can be too late. On children that are advanced on the training, having accidents can have a negative impact on the potty progress and can cause an unwanted setback.

Make a goodbye party.

Once your child has been promoted to big boy status, it’s time to celebrate. Hang some party decorations, bake a cake, get some family and friends together and let’s officially say goodbye to the diapers. This may help to prevent setbacks in the future and make him feel he accomplish something very important.

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In conclusion, the biggest takeaway of this post and the most important thing is that every child is different. Potty training is a process that requires patience and time. With the right information, you can make the transitioning more smooth and enjoyable for both of you.

Remember this, kids grow so fast that one day you will be missing these moments.

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As always, Thanks for reading.

Zadi, XO.



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