Teaching your child to become a positive person, tips for positivity.



Helping kids understand the effect of their thoughts, words, and actions is essential in building a foundation for their future wellness. When kids learn how to think positive from a young age, they will have a much greater chance of having a happy, healthy, and more successful live as adults.

I am personally a very optimistic person, and someone who always tries to focus on the positive of every situation, as a parent I want my two boys to be able to do the same, I try to teach them that the mind is essential to achieve goals and that a clear and precise approach takes you faster towards them, in this post I want to give you easy steps to teach your children to become a positive person.

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10 tips to teach your children how to be a positive person

1. Be a great role model. Let’s start with our own positivity.

First things first!!! The way we act strongly affects our kids. We want to raise positive thinking children, therefore supportive language and behavior is essential, Approximately 80% of what children learn is copied from the example they receive from parents, so it is important to think twice before judging negatively when a problem or situation occurs, instead try to work on the positive an be clear with your words when you express your thoughts to them.

2.  Positive talk.

Praise and encouraging talks are very important. I try very hard to always highlight the positives, in order to let the negatives fade away. I’m not saying we can’t speak about bad circumstances or situations but I think that using them to extract a positive life lesson for the future is helpful.

3. Help them feel comfortable with their emotions.

Teach your child how to laugh, cry, and express their joy, and that it’s ok to do so. Let them live in an environment where they feel safe enough to communicate what they’re feeling, and what they want in life.

4. Allow them the freedom to do what they love.

Of course, we have great expectations for our children, but sometimes they are unrealistic. We want our kids to be the best at everything, from school grades to sports. We push them so hard that sometimes burnout is inevitable. Our children may feel like they disappointed us sometimes. We need to encourage them to succeed within their own capabilities while reinforcing a positive outlook. To flourish in their own unique way, children need some freedom to do what they love and truly enjoy. Guide children to safely find their purpose and passion. Create a learning environment from what excites them in life. Everything has a lesson, and it’s up to us to provide that lesson in the most engaging way to maximize a child’s learning.

5. Focus their thinking on the positive events of their day.

Instead of just asking how their day went, ask them about the positive things that happened during their day. These specific questions help them focus on their achievements rather than disappointments.
When children stay focused on thinking positive, their positive experiences will only continue to grow.

6. Focus on solutions.

Problem-solving is a critical skill, kids need to gain confidence, continue thinking positive, and excel in life. Help them learn about the problem and what created it, then how to move past it and focus on a solution.

7. Try what I call “Positive love”.

Hugs, nurturing touches and also a smile with positive body language can make negativity disappear.

8. Surround them with positive people.

Surround children with a positive, uplifting environment. Explain to them that they are a product of the people they spend the most time with. From this positive environment, they can move forward in helping and teaching others think positive as well.

9. Encourage strong morals and values.

Children can grow up to be strong, positive leaders if positive morals and values are built from a young age. Knowing what’s “right and wrong” when interacting with friends, holding them accountable for their mistakes, and teaching them to follow through with commitments are all core principles of practicing positivity.

10. Bedtime prayer and faith.

This is such an important one! Prayer gives our kids a strong foundation and strength from which to address the challenges and problems they will encounter on a day to day basis. Teach your kids to pray regularly with each problem they face and they will have the strength and resilience to face whatever life throws at them. The key to helping them is to acknowledge the negative situation, then realign their focus and help them to problem-solve and address the situation. Doing this will help develop a positive mindset in them.

Some books I find very helpful are:

I personally read the Second one!! and it was an excellent book.

In conclusion

These simple tips have helped my kids see the glass half full more often. They can perceive the bright side even in some negative situations and think about the future optimistically, and remember Followers talk about problems. Leaders talk about solutions.

I hope you find this article helpful if you have any suggestions leave a comment below, see you on my next post.

Zadi, XO.

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  19. […] Teaching your child to become a positive person, tips for positivity. […]

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