The ultimate guide for your 19 week Fetal ultrasound.

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Hello mommies, the topic of today’s post will be your 19 week Fetal pregnancy and ultrasound, I hope you’re having an amazing day, as usual, you are going to find ultrasound images plus all you need to know about your 19 week pregnancy on this post, so let’s begin…

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How Big Is a Baby at 19 Weeks Pregnant?

At 19 weeks pregnant, the baby is as big as a Mango. The average 19 week fetus weighs 8.5 ounces and measures 15 cm or 6 inches long.

Your 19 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms.

Hip pain: If hip pain bothers you at night, try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees. Those giant body pillows might seem big and dorky, but we can’t sing the praises of them enough especially if you’re 19 weeks pregnant with twins. Cave in and get one.

Dizziness or lightheadedness: Lightheadedness during pregnancy can happen because your growing uterus puts pressure on your blood vessels. Plus, the baby is crowding your lungs, so there’s less oxygen for you! But there are other things that contribute to lightheadedness, including dehydration and hunger, so take care of yourself and eat and drink regularly! If you find yourself getting dizzy or lightheaded often, your doctor may want to check you for anemia and/or preeclampsia.

Abdominal aches and pains: Round ligament pain is that discomfort in your lower 19 week pregnant belly. It’s caused by your muscles stretching to accommodate the aby. Let your doctor know if any ache or pain concerns you, but as long it’s not intense or accompanied by other symptoms, these are just growing pains.

Leg cramps: Cramps can be a sign of dehydration, so you know what to do, drink plenty of water.

Keep in mind that other symptoms described on any of my previous posts might still be present. I will link a few of my posts here in case you want to check them out.

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Things you need to know!!

In this week 19 of pregnancy, you are almost halfway done, you should be very happy and excited, there are approximately 21 weeks more for your baby to be born, it is advisable a balanced and nutritious diet and plenty of water keep you Hydrated.

At this time Ultrasounds are not needed unless you are having symptoms such as pelvic pain, pressure, cramping or vaginal bleeding, in some cases, the doctor might order a Cervical ultrasound to check the size of the cervix to Rule out cervical incompetence as well.

Measurements are not routinely done on this ultrasound, because your Doctor starts measuring your belly on every visit to track the growth.

if there is any questionable size discrepancy then Ultrasound is the way to go to check fetal growth.


What is happening with your baby at 19 weeks?

Your baby’s arms and legs are now in the right proportion to the rest of his body, and thin hairs are sprouting from his scalp. His brain is starting to form separate, specialized areas that will be responsible for his sense of smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch.

Most mums-to-be start to feel little flutters (quickening) between 18 weeks and 20 weeks as their baby wriggles inside. If you’ve been pregnant before, you’ll probably recognize your baby’s movements even earlier than this, remember if your Placenta is located on the Anterior side of the uterus those kick movements will be delayed for a little longer.


Good Tips for You This Week:

*You’re likely to get a yeast infection at some point during your pregnancy. But they’re harder to control when you’re expecting, so ask your doc about the best treatment.

*Its time to start researching for a good Pediatric doctor for your child.

*Other researches like Cord Banking are important, check with your gynecologist for more information.

My recommended products to you at 19 weeks:

You need plenty of Comfort at this time, essential necessities for when you start breastfeeding.

19 week fetal Ultrasound is performed Transabdominally, and here is a glimpse of what you can expect to see.






Normal heartbeat expected to be measured between 120 to 165 bpm.









If an Ultrasound is done at 19 weeks more likely the Gender will be seen and confirmed.




Already so this is the most important information about your 19 week ultrasound.
Thanks for staying with me until the end, I hope this post was helpful to you. On my next post I will be talking about 20 week ultrasound, thanks for visiting my blog today, don’t go without checking my other categories for mom/women health and parenting.

XO Zadi.

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  1. Hi zadi, great read i love being able to keep up to date week by week 😁 can you please tell me your thoughts I just had my 20 week scan on Monday and 3lines were clearly pointed out to us and the sonographer said girl this totally shocked me because it’s all boys in the family I’m honestly over the moon but scared she may have got it wrong is there a chance if I even see the 3 lines that it could still be a boy I’m wondering if i should have another private scan done to double check lol ???

  2. Errors can happen dear unfortunately, but I really doubt that at 18 or 19 weeks a tech can make a mistake like that one, because is clearly seen, however if you like to have another scan to double check go ahead and do it, I am very happy for you!!! My 20 week ultrasound post is going to be available next week , good luck with your scan, keep me posted, I’ll love to know🥰

  3. Thank you so much for replying with your advice 😁 I really hope she is pink but yes I think for peice of mind I should book another scan to be on the safe side I will keep you posted and i look forward to next weeks blog 😍😘

  4. Perfect thanks and good luck 👍

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