How to use daily routines to stimulates your baby’s intelligence.

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Hi guys, welcome back to Ultrasoundfeminsider, this time we are discussing some Life activities you can do daily to develop your baby’s intelligence.

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In the early stage of your baby’s life, stimulation is very important to teach him life lessons, sticking to a routine will make it easier as he will learn in a natural way to relate to the environment, and develop as he/she keeps growing up.

The following activities will teach something to your baby as you do them, just take a few more minutes to enjoy and interact with them.

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Feeding your baby: Feeding in general, either breastfeeding or bottle feeding is a good opportunity to interact with your baby, in these minutes they are usually focused on your face and your facial expressions. Looking at him in the eye can immediately create a bond, and is a good time to talk and explain what you are doing and to teach him through sounds and words something new.


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Bath time: Is not just bath time. It can be also the time to learn math, science or art, how? let me explain. Your baby learns from the volume of the water and the states of matter( liquid, gas, etc.) They learn from the water temperature, and also from playing with objects around them. They are unwittingly learning about the law of gravity and they learn by drawing with his fingers on the shower glass. This is the perfect time to talk to your baby again, to play with him and explain what’s going on, you will be surprised how the learning process turns into fun times.


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Mealtime for bigger babies: Another time to learn while having fun. An important opportunity for your baby to develop motor skills by collecting objects and carrying them to their mouth. Learning about the different textures, temperatures, colors and flavors of food may be another good time to establish a conversation with your baby about the activities you are doing.


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Diaper changing: I know, a diaper change is not the most pleasant activity to do with your baby, but guess what? they also learn about senses through smell. During this time you can give him conversation as well, remember the more you talk to your baby the more they will develop communication skills.


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Grocery shopping: When the baby is old enough to go do groceries with you that’s another awesome opportunity to show your baby the world. We all tend to give our kids electronic devices to keep them entertained but describing the store, the people, the smells, the size, shapes, and numbers through counting the fruits and vegetables can really be a fun way to teach and entertain your baby, next time you go to do groceries try it.


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Bedtime: And lastly but certainly not least, and my personal favorite way is Reading a fascinating story to your baby. Reading at a very early age is a great way to bond with them and to instill in your baby the love for reading, ignite the curiosity and develop their brain.  I still remember the first time my son read a complete book by himself, It was the book called ROCKO ROCKET, I read for him this book for months until a good day with only 3 years old my son took the book and began to read , I was fascinated to see that he was able to memorize all the words of the book. Until today he still loves this book and the important message from the book that teaches them to never give up on your dreams. Choose a book with meaning, a book with a message, a book that will leave something to your little one in the mind and in the heart for life.

The link for this amazing book is down below, in case you want to check it out!

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Daily routines to improve and develop your baby's intelligence

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Now I want to give you some tips to reinforce positive brain development in your baby.

  • Respond promptly when your baby cries: Nurture, soothe and cuddle is a good way to signal emotional security to the brain.
  • Build trust by being attentive and focused and create a safe environment: Your baby is attached to you emotionally for a little while, this will engage your baby in exploration, learning, and discovery of the world that he lives in.
  • Use body massage: Body massage decrease stress and enhance the feeling of well-being and emotional security in your baby. Loving touches can promote internal and external growth.
  • Play games: Choose developmentally appropriate toys that allow your baby to explore and interact.
  • Sing songs: It doesn’t matter if you are not the perfect singer, your baby still will beneficiate from the sound, and the emotions within the song.

Ok, guys, this is the end of this post I hope you liked it, do not forget to check the other categories on my blog for Mom/women Health and week by week pregnancy ultrasounds, as always thanks for visiting and I hope to see you next time.

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  1. I loved this article. I focus a lot on the reading and playtime factors in my exploration of the psychological development of children. This was a great exploration of how you can turn simple everyday interactions with a baby into developmental gold. What you said brought back fond memories of helping to raise my two children, even fond memories of diaper change musicals. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Dr. Maples I am so glad you liked it.

  3. Your posts are so informative and positive! These days mothers have such tough routines to maintain and always feel they don’t have much time to interact with their children but the truth is small activities like mealtime and diaper change gives great interaction time !

  4. Is very true, specially for mommies that have to go back to work you really have to do the best with the small times you have to interact with your little one!

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