The ultimate guide for your 16 weeks ultrasound. Fetal development.

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Hi there, welcome back, today the topic will be ” Normal 16 week ultrasound”, I hope you’re having an amazing day, as usual, ultrasound images of what you are expected to see are going to be on the middle of the post, so let’s begin…

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How Big Is a Baby at 16 Weeks Pregnant?

At 16 weeks pregnant, baby is as big as an Avocado. The average 16 week fetus weighs 3.5 ounces and measures 10.2 to 11 cm or about 4.6 inches long. Rapidly your baby looks more like a human being as the weeks progresses.

16 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms.

Glowing skin: Finally you are not only feeling a lot better but you are also looking better, you are glowing at this point, enjoy you deserve it.

Bigger boobs: Your breasts have probably gone up several cup sizes by now, and should be completely prepped for breastfeeding by the end of the second trimester.

Forgetfulness: This is also known as Pregnancy Brain, Multiple things can cause this change however no one knows for sure why. Hormonal changes, anxiety, emotional trauma etc., can be the reason why don’t worry too much about it, you will get better after having your baby.

Backaches: Your aching back is a side effect of pregnancy hormones and your growing uterus. To ease backaches, make some time for low-impact exercise. Sit and stand up straight and regularly stretch your body.

Constipation: Your uterus starting to press on your intestines. Load up on fiber-rich foods and drink lots of water to keep things moving down properly.

Dry, itchy, sensitive eyes: Blame the hormones once again! You could try over the counter eye drops, but be sure to consult your OB before choosing one.

Increased vaginal discharge: This vaginal discharge protects the birth canal from infection, it may not feel comfortable but is helpful. please stay away from vaginal douches or feminine wipes because they can irritate your genital area and actually cause infections.

Bleeding gums: Pregnancy hormones are causing gum inflammation, making them more susceptible to bacteria, irritation and bleeding, while this is normal, its important to floss, brush regularly and visit frequently your dentist to avoid gum disease, which can cause pregnancy complications if untreated.

If you’re sixteen weeks pregnant with twins, your symptoms probably won’t be much different. You definitely want to keep your doctor posted on all your symptoms, since a twin pregnancy is considered higher risk, more likely your doctor might want to keep close eyes on you and your babies.

What is happening with your baby at 16 weeks?

Your baby at this time is able to hold his/her neck straight, he has learned to turn the head around. The liver has begun to perform its digestive function. The kidneys and bladder are also involved in active work. Your baby pisses every 45 minutes to an hour, at this time it is important to start visualizing the fetal stomach and urinary bladder on the ultrasounds, this will help to make the diagnosis of esophageal abnormalities later on.

During this period the circulatory system of your baby is also clearly seen. Blood composition has been completely formed: a blood type and factor can be already determined.

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The ultimate guide for your 16 weeks ultrasound. Fetal development.

16 Weeks Pregnancy testing.

Around this time all women under the age of 35 should be offered a triple screen test. This is also sometimes called “multiple marker screening” and “AFP plus.” During this test, the mother’s blood is tested for three substances. These are:

AFP, which is a protein produced by the fetus
HCG, which is a hormone that’s produced in the placenta
estriol, which is a type of estrogen produced by both placenta and fetus.

The triple screen tests can detect fetal abnormalities like Down syndrome, trisomy 18, and spina bifida.

Abnormal triple screen tests don’t mean there is an abnormality in the fetus. Instead, it could indicate a higher risk, further testing should be done. In some cases, amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling might be done. These tests are more precise than the triple screen test, but have an increased risk of complications.

Ultrasounds are also sometimes used to look for conditions that could cause abnormal results, even though Fetal anatomy is better evaluated on ultrasounds at week 18, some doctors prefer to start earlier than that, sometimes the views at 16 weeks can be limited , if that is the case, a follow up Ultrasound will be ordered again at week 18, don’t get stress out, this is all normal routine.

16 week Ultrasound can be performed Transabdominally, and here is a glimpse of what you can expect to see…


Under certain circumstances, the gender of the baby can be seen at this time, here is what you can expect to see…


Ultrasound image of the doppler on the heart. The heartbeat expected to be seen today is between 130 to 165 bpm.

This ultrasound images are generally speaking what you are expected to see, all ultrasound doesn’t show the same and it all depends on multiple factors like Fetal position, maternal obesity etc… If you don’t have those views on your scan is ok, as long as the development of your baby is normal and the measurements are compatible with the gestational age is all good.

By now you’ll probably have a four month prenatal visit, as usual, you’ll probably have a urine test; your OB will be checking your urine for signs of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. You may have a 16 weeks pregnant ultrasound at your appointment too.
The good news at this time is that, if all the tests are normal including the ultrasound, your chance of miscarriage drops to only 1 percent. You can breathe relieved now!

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