Most common reasons why your baby might be crying and how to resolve it.



Hi guys, this post is going to be all about the most common reasons why your baby might be crying and how to resolve it, so lets begin.

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how to soothe a crying baby

For new mothers the biggest challenge is to adapt to this new person you have to care and protect, usually, the first few weeks are very difficult and especially if you do not have help from family members.

Learning to anticipate to what can be happening to your baby could simplify your life and make that experience a pleasurable one, after all, there is nothing more beautiful than having in your arms the most important person in your life.

Keep in mind that all babies are different, and even if you have several children what works for one will not be enough for others. It’s a learning process that never ends, Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed because you feel that your baby is crying for no reason, that’s not always the case, babies have their own way to communicate things to you and that way is crying.

So here I list the main reasons why your baby might be crying and how to solve them:

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Hunger is the most common reason your baby cries. Eventually, your hearing will learn to discern the type of sounds that your baby does, and you can anticipate before he/she starts crying, remember that crying may be related also to the need of feeling comforted, so little bit of cuddles, eye and skin contact, and some milk (breastfeeding or not) can make the big difference.


No one likes to walk all day with a wet UNDERWEAR, the same thing happens to your baby, the wet DIAPER can cause him/her discomfort, skin rashes etc., so it starts for making sure that he/she feels dry and comfortable.


Have you ever feel tired without any specific reason??  that just the night before you were in bed and could not sleep well, or you were very cold or felt very hot under the blankets, well this can happen to your baby too, the problem here is that they don’t  know how to say it. In that case maybe your baby just needs to be held, and be comforted, or maybe he/she is just missing you, use your magic touch to soothe the most precious thing in your life.


Babies swallow air when they breastfeed or suck from a bottle on every drink, and this may cause discomfort if the air is not released properly. Some babies are bothered by having air in their tummy, so try to burp him/her properly.


Gas or colic can lead to lots of crying on your newborn. This mysterious condition known as colic is usually described as inconsolable crying for at least few hours a day, or a few times a week, is not certain why babies got colic but there are small changes you can do to improve that. If your baby often fusses and cries right after being fed, she/he may have some sort of tummy pain.

First, if you are breastfeeding remember your baby is eating what you are eating, check your diet and start changing some things, some mommies and pediatrician agreed that Dairy product tends to make babies tummy gassier.

Check your baby’s bottle, try to get Anti-colic bottles.

Even if your baby isn’t colicky and has never been fussy after eating, an occasional gas pain can make your baby miserable until it passes. If you suspect gas, try putting him/her lying on the back, grasping the feet, and moving her legs in a gentle bicycling motion, some gentle exercise will help your baby pass the gas.


Some babies are very sensitive to their surroundings, room temperature, the clothes they wear, scratchy clothing tags, fabrics, smells, detergents, the texture of the sheets or even having tangled hair on their feet, check their toes and fingers, check their skin looking for rashes or any signs of redness or irritation, if you don’t find anything lets try something else.


Less can be more when it comes to babies, you are an adult and sometimes you probably feel annoyed when there is a lot of traffic, noises or lighting around you etc.. The same thing happens to your baby, try to find possible causes and stop them right away.

Same as little stimulation, usually when babies are growing they like to be entertained, find fun games or stimulus that spark the creativity in your baby, that way you can keep him busy and happy.


Teething can be painful as each new tooth pushes through tender young gums. Some babies suffer more than others, but all are likely to be fussy and tearful from teething at some point.

If your baby seems to be in pain and you’re not sure why, try feeling his gums with your finger, On average, the first tooth breaks through between 4 and 7 months, but it can happen before.

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Most common reasons why your baby might be crying and how to resolve it.


And finally, if nothing works there is probably another reason why your baby can be crying, remember viruses or other germs usually takes a few days to show any symptoms in the meantime your baby might be experiencing some aches, chills or low fever, check his/her temperature, give him time, patience and love.


Providing Physical Comfort: Simple things like rocking or Swaddling your baby can provide him with comfort and warmness.

Give the baby attention: Babies need a lot of attention. Your baby may become fussy if they feel lonely. Be patient with your baby and keep in mind that your baby is not able to keep itself occupied for very long. 

Calming a Baby with Sound: Singing to your baby can be a good idea  Singing to your baby will not only improve your baby’s mood, it will also strengthen your bond and aiding in your child’s development.
Never use headphones on your baby.

Use a white noise machine. White noise also reminds babies of their mother’s womb. Your baby was used to hearing noises, like a heartbeat and people talking, while they were in the womb. It can be difficult for some babies to fall and stay asleep when it is completely quiet. 
Do not turn up the volume of the machine too much. Also, make sure that the machine is not within reach of your baby’s crib.

Consider including on your daily routine baby massages: on his/her body, baby massages are in trend this days and for the right reasons. I am planning to dedicate an entire post for BABY MASSAGES because I think is a very interesting topic.

Swaddle: Swaddling Your baby in a warm, soft and cozy blanket can help make them feel secure and curb the crying. It gives a baby the feeling of being in the womb and might settle them quicker.

Remember a Happy baby makes a happy mommy….

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In conclusion

Being a parent is not easy. All babies cry at some point, and some babies more than others. There are many reasons why a baby is being fussy, so it can be hard to find out why.

Now that you know some reasons why your baby might be crying and what you can do to try to calm them. Not all of these tips will work for all babies all of the time. Remember to stay calm and keep trying.

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