Normal first trimester ultrasound, scan at 6 weeks of gestation.

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Hello mommies, welcome to another post, today I will be talking about Normal first trimester ultrasound and all you need to know before your first scan at 6 weeks.

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Assuming that you have a positive pregnancy test, and HCG (pregnancy hormone) blood work confirms a pregnancy, next thing is an ultrasound to rule out gestational age, estimated due date, how many babies and also maternal organs are checked to rule out Fibroids, ovarian cysts etc..

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6 weeks baby ultrasound


If you haven’t seen my previous posts about fibroids and ovarian cysts I will link them below for you:

All you need to know about Fibroids.

All you need to know about Ovaries, normal hormonal cycles, and common cysts.

Some of your symptoms at 6 weeks are:

Cramping and spotting: At 6 weeks pregnant, mild cramping and spotting are both normal. I know these symptoms can be worrisome due to ectopic pregnancy or miscarriages at 6 weeks. Please know that if you start having abdominal pain and is severe (stronger than period cramps) or if you have any bleeding that becomes heavy like a period, in this case is when you should be concern and call the doctor immediately.

Fatigue: You’re so drained because your body’s still getting used to your changing hormones, this will get better as the pregnancy progresses.

Frequent urination: If you find yourself having to pee more than usual, it’s because the pregnancy hormone hCG is directing extra blood flow to the pelvic area. Heading to the bathroom more often is normal, but if you have painful urination or have the urge to go but are unable to, tell your doctor right away. Those are signs of a UTI, which you’re at higher risk for starting at week 6 of pregnancy.

Sore breasts: Your boobs are likely sore thanks to increased blood flow. Your body is already starting to prep to breastfeed your baby.

Nausea: Unfortunately morning sickness is real and starts to happen early in the pregnancy, due to hormonal changes. It’s a good idea to find foods that help settle your stomach and to keep them on hand for regular snacking, since having an empty stomach can trigger nausea.

Fetal development at 6 weeks.

  • By the 6th week, two parts of the heart develops separately, then fuse to form a tiny organ that begins to beat rapidly, almost twice as yours.
  • The baby looks like a C at this time, due to a rapid growth on his back instead of the front, and a tail is also present, this tail will eventually disappear.
  • Your baby is about the size of a rice grain.

What can you expect to see if you have an ultrasound at 6 weeks:


ultrasound image of a gestatonal sac and yolk sac within the uterus, early pregnancy
Yolk sac: The yolk sac is the first structure visible within the gestational sac. The yolk sac should always be seen when the gestational sac measures greater than 1.0 cm or 10 mm.

A normal yolk sac is round and should measure less than 6 mm. If the yolk sac measures more than 6 mm, is bizarre in shape or is calcified follow up scan is required since most pregnancies with Abnormal yolk sacs will fail.

ultrasound image of a normal looking yolk sac, early gestation
Normal yolk sac
ultrasound image of an enlarged yolk sac
Enlarged abnormal yolk sac.


calcified abnormal yolk sac
Calcified abnormal yolk sac.
bizzarre shaped yolk sac
Bizarre in shape, abnormal yolk sac.

Embryo:  The second structure that becomes visible within the gestational sac is the embryo. Embryonic cardiac activity should always be seen when an embryo measures greater than 5 mm.

A normal fetal heart rate usually ranges from 115 to 160 beats per minute during the first weeks of gestation, It is measurable with ultrasound from around 6 weeks, the normal range varies during gestation, increasing to around 150 to 175 beats per minute at 10 weeks and decreasing to around 130 beats per minute at term.

A heartbeat of 100 BPM or less In the first ultrasound may indicate a pregnancy that is going to fail however a follow up is always recommended.

Ultrasound image of an Normal looking pregnancy at 6 weeks, you can see in this image the gestational sac, and within the gestational sac a normal looking fetal pole and yolk sac.


Most COMMON and usually harmless cause of vaginal bleeding on the first trimester is Subchorionic bleedings, it resolves by itself however precautions have to be follow.

Ultrasound image of Subchorionic bleeding.

And remember if you see an image like this one:

you guess it !!!! YOU ARE HAVING TWINS…

Fraternal twins


Identical twins
If is more than 2 babies GOOD LUCK!!!! LOL

Tips for you at this week.

Prepare for Your Checkup

Expect this first of many prenatal checkups to be exciting.. You’ll have a thorough physical, including a pelvic exam and blood tests. You’ll also be tested for sexually transmitted diseases, immunity to measles (rubella) and ethnic-specific genetic diseases. Plus, you’ll need to pee into a cup so your urine can be tested for glucose, protein, red and white blood cells and bacteria. One more thing: Be prepared to answer lots of questions, but more importantly, to ask some of your own questions, bring a list so you won’t forget anything.

In conclusion

This was the most important information about your normal ultrasound at 6 weeks, next post I will be talking about Normal pregnancy Dating, protocol, and guidelines, how we measure the baby to have an accurate due date, and more so I will see you next time.

As usual thanks so much for reading this post today, and good luck.

Zadi xo

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Ultrasound sonographer for many years and mommy of 2 boys, I love my kids therefore I love what I do, help other women to achieve a healthy and successful pregnancy is my goal.


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